Since BJL began in 1985, we have specialized in customizing our programs for the people who use our systems. We believe it is important for people to be able to shape the programs that run on their computers according to the needs of their business and their environment.

Although this philosophy adds an extra level of complexity to the development and support process, our 21 years of experience have proven that we can achieve our goal of a flexible, responsive, cost-effective system for our customers. We can only do this, however, by establishing a somewhat unique relationship with each of our customers. When there are so many inter-related and constantly changing factors involved in the data end of their businesses, it is critical that we operate almost like employees of their companies. We need to know the staff, the staff needs to know us, and it is important that we’re all comfortable working with each other.

If a problem occurs, we will spend the time needed to resolve it regardless of whether the cause was due to hardware defects, software bugs, user error, or natural disaster. In short, we always do our best to meet our customers’ data processing needs in as fair, reliable, and cost-effective a manner as we possibly can.

BJL Software also serves as a dealer for several other computer software and hardware products as an added convenience to its customers. BJL staff will help companies review their needs, suggest particular compatible products, and then the particular item may be sourced through the company – “one-stop shopping”.
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