BJL Software creates and maintains a broad range of software products from office accounting to more specialized systems such as Point-of-Sale, Grain Bank, Agronomy, and Scheduled Fuel Delivery. We also build interfaces between our software and programs from other providers.

The company’s Office Accounting Package is a complete accounting system including General Ledger, Sales and Receivables, Accounts Payable, Patronage and Stock, and Payroll features. Customers choose the modules they need, while excluding those that are not relevant to their business needs.

BJL’s Point of Sale (POS) system is a powerful tool that interfaces to the Accounts Receivable and General Ledger modules. Although capable of handling complicated transactions, it is easy to operate. The POS system can either be part of a network or function as a stand-alone system that connects to the main office via evening polling, diskette, CD-RW, or some other media. It can track sales, purchases, and inventory for as many products as needed.

The BJL Grain Bank and Agronomy systems meet federal and state auditing requirements and greatly reduce the time spent processing, recording, and tracking grain and soil management transactions. They both interface to the POS system. When a feed blend is created for a customer his/her grain balance conveniently prints right on the invoice. In conjunction with Grain Bank, Medication and Guaranteed Analysis programs are also available. The Agronomy program provides fertilizer “recipes” that track inventory, provide mixing instructions, and assist in application management.

For co-ops that are in the petroleum trade, the Scheduled Delivery (Degree Day) program monitors customer fuel needs. It uses previous fuel usage data along with accumulated degree days to estimate when customers will require additional fuel. The accuracy of the program increases the longer it is used.

BJL is very experienced in Data Conversion, or the translation of data from our customers’ previous system to the BJL system. This is accomplished by either working with the previous vendor’s programming staff and/or, if possible, by generating text file reports with the previous vendor’s current software.

The company’s Print Manager program allows customers to print from a range of printers, view printed output, and print multiple copies of a report. This program also enables users to print BJL output to USB printers.

BJL offers limited Data Back-up Services ranging in price depending on volume and frequency. Features of this service include the installation of a back-up program tailored to the customers’ needs, an illustrated back-up procedure to guide employees through the back-up process, phone training, and a back-up log template.

In addition to the above-mentioned programs, BJL has developed a variety of interfaces to third-party software. These include: a Refined Fuel Delivery (RFD) interface which imports data from the Cenex-Harvest States RFD system into the BJL Sales and Receivables module; Profit Point Polling Interface – a point-of-sale module that polls the Cenex-Harvest States Profit Point system, bringing the data to the main office; Aims Interface – a program that brings AIMS invoices into BJL’s Accounts Payable system; and an interface to the AGRIS Energy Program.
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